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Books by Jacques Rolland

The Food Encyclopedia

book-food_encycThe most comprehensive and authoritative food encyclopedia available.

Cooking can be a wondrous adventure, especially with a thorough understanding of the history and origins of food, a grasp of the cultures and environments involved, and an appreciation for those who over the years have played key roles in its development.

The Food Encyclopedia features:

  • 8,000 entries, with cross-reference on foods, wines and beverages
  • Cooking methods and techniques
  • 500 stunning illustrations and photographs
  • More than 150 biographies of prominent individuals — chefs, authors and inventors –who have contributed to food and its lore. Chefs include Julia Child, Paul Bocuse, Alice Waters and Michael Stadtlander.   Among the notable authors are Elizabeth David, M.F.K. Fisher and Irma S. Rombauer. The inventors include Carl Sontheimer, the developer of the Cuisinart food processor.

In the entry on arugula, for example, we read that it is an assertive salad green, (eruca sativa) has a peppery taste somewhere between nasturtium and watercress, and is used frequently in Mediterranean dishes. The ancient Romans used both the leaves and the seeds of arugula. Thomas Jefferson, in detailed written instructions to his gardener at Monticello, listed arugula as essential for his kitchen garden.

Becoming more familiar with words and terms, and finding out the background behind a food or an ingredient, ensures a well-prepared dish and adds to the pleasure of serving it. For any cook, this authoritative and fascinating book is an outstanding reference and cookbook companion.

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The Cook’s Essential Kitchen Dictionary: A blend of history, etymology, anecdotes, origins and culture of food.

kit-dicHow often have you found yourself in the kitchen in the middle of preparing a recipe when you come across an unfamiliar term? Not recognizing a word and its meaning can diminish or slow down the pleasure of preparing a dish. Or perhaps you have a love of words and are intrigued by their historical background and linguistic origins.

Cooking is a wonderful adventure especially when the terms, definitions and historical origins of words in recipes are familiar. The Cook’s Essential Kitchen Dictionary defines 4,500 key food words and provides a wealth of historical background for many of them. For anyone who cooks or who simply loves food, this book is a vital reference source and an outstanding cookbook supplement.

The book includes:

  • Food and alcohol terms listed alphabetically for easy reference
  • Illustrations throughout particularly for fruits and vegetables
  • British, American and many foreign language cooking terms
  • Complete pasta appendix
  • Wonderful selection of fascinating food quotes and anecdotes
  • Basic cooking methods.
  • The rich and rare culinary information describes subjects as varied as Humble Pie and Hanger Steak to Squawroot and Stracchino.

The Cook’s Essential Kitchen Dictionary is an excellent resource to have on hand in the kitchen and makes for delightful armchair reading as well.

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C’est le Vin: A Lexicon of Fun, Facts and Sarcasms

Jacques’ most recent endeavor is the culmination of years of ruminating about the history of wine, wine terminologies, winemakers and wine drinkers.  The result is a charmingly casual 325 page book that will delight wine connoisseurs and wine novices alike.   Mixed among the fascinating facts of wine origins and useful hints for enjoying wine are decidedly irreverent nuggets of humor.

The book is an alphabetical guide to the vocabulary of wine; from growing to making to tasting.  It can be perused anytime of day or night, in the company of others or as a solitary quest but always most enjoyable when accompanied with your favorite glass of wine.

The book includes:

  • Wine cultivation:  Egrappage  “The French name for the process of destemming—removing stems/stalks from the grape bunches before fermentation”
  • Grape varietals: Gruner Veltliner  “A wine grape grown almost exclusively in Austria where it produces a light and simple wine.”
  • Tasting terms: BriaryA wine with an aggressive, prickly taste best described as peppery.”
  • Quotes: “Wine is bottled poetry” – Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Humor: Nervous Reflex  “Shocking condition which strikes a wine-lover when he is deprived of the grape at meals.  His hand keeps reaching out for a glass that is not there.”

“C’est le Vin” is a play on the French saying “C’est la vie” or “That’s life.” And some things are indeed as sublimely simple and as intricately complex as life!  Is your glass half empty or half full?

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