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Best practices at A’ Tuscan Estate to prevent the spread of Covid-19

To ensure your health and safety during your stay here at A’ Tuscan Estate, you may notice some changes in our normal routines. Our goal is to still provide you with the best possible experience while here.

While at A’ Tuscan Estate:
Please follow the CDC guidelines for handwashing and sanitizing. Bottles of hand sanitizer are in your guest room, the registration desk, the entry to the dining room, and the Vacation Cottage foyer.

Please wear a mask when in our common areas while others are present and also when in our community. It is highly recommended to have your masks with you when visiting shops or restaurants. Most wineries and tasting rooms are requiring that you wear a mask upon entry and in transit to and from the restrooms. Please follow social distancing guidelines.

We will welcome you to our bed and breakfast wearing our masks. Your keys will be available in your room. We sanitize pens and room keys before and after contact. Upon check-in, we will request to access your credit card and we will process the transaction safely. Your welcome letter includes the house phone number for requests for assistance during your stay.

Enhanced Safety Procedures:
We are using enhanced safety and cleaning protocols as outlined by the CDC and the Oregon Health Authority. We are leaving rooms vacant the day before you check in to allow more time for cleaning and air movement. Common areas are sanitized often during your stay. We removed extra linens and throw pillows. Our staff will only work if healthy.

We will not enter your room during the duration of your stay. We will exchange and replenish items in your room as needed while maintaining physical distancing.

Breakfast Service:
We are still serving breakfast in our dining room at 8:00 a.m. or 9:30 a.m. with limited tables. Additional seating is available on the porch of the main house or either back patios, weather permitting. If a family is staying in more than one room, they may sit at the dining room table together.

Keurigs are available for coffee and hot water dispensing in Vacation Cottage rooms along with a Brita pitcher of filtered water in your refrigerator. The main house guest rooms each have bottled water, glassware, and coffee cups for use in the coffee room. The coffee-room will be sanitized frequently. Freshly brewed coffee is available at breakfast.

Policy Changes:
We only want you to come if you are healthy and have not been exposed to the coronavirus. We have relaxed our 7-day cancellation policy for 2020 due to the coronavirus. We also can offer you a gift certificate or have you rebook a later date if desired.

The safety and comfort of our guests is a high priority for us, as well as the safety of our staff. We appreciate you booking a stay with us and look forward to welcoming you here.

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